Current Professors

Babak Esfandiari Associate Professor
François Gagnon  Adjunct Professor 

Current Ph.D. Students

Edgar Acosta Ph.D. Student in Cognitive Science
 Alan Davoust
 Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering

Current Master Students

Partheeban Chandrasekaran M.A.Sc. Student
Stephane Gagnon  M.A.Sc. Student 
Mehmet Vefa Bicakci  M.A.Sc. Student 
Reza A. Moghtader  M.A.Sc. Student 
 Todd Whitley M.A.Sc. Student 

Former Professors

Bernard Pagurek Professor
 Tony White Associate Professor

Former Ph.D. Students

Michael Floyd  Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering 
 François Gagnon  Ph.D. - A Hybrid Approach to Operating System Discovery Based on Diagnosis Theory (Computer Science)
Sanjay Chandrasekharan Ph.D.
Vladimir Tosic Ph.D. - Adaptable Component-Based IT Service Engineering and management
Tony White Ph.D.

Former Master Students

Alan Wai
Gayathri Jayaraman
Ming Huang
 M.C.S. Student (ISS program)
Afiya Kassim  M.A.Sc. Student
Gang Ao M.Eng.
Neal Arthorne M.A.Sc. - P2P
Feng Chen M.Eng. - Telecom Technology Management
Patricia Cuesta Rivalta M.Eng.
Catalina Diaz Puig M.Eng
Ning Feng M.Eng.
Jiangxin Hu M.Sc. - Hot-Swapping Application in IP Telephony
Kevin Lam M.A.Sc. - Robocup
Tian Lu M.Eng.
Jiexin Luo M. Sc.
Wei Ma M.A.Sc. - Web Service Composition Management
Paul Marlow M. Eng - RoboCup
Cuesta Rivalta Mennie M.Eng.
Kruti Patel M.Eng.
Syed Kamran Raza M.Eng.
Lei Tan M.Sc. - Hot-Swapping Framework for Swappable JavaBeans
Jingrong Tang M.Eng.
Chunhui Teng M.Eng.
Aloke Tukul Mukherjee M.Eng - Software Agents and Peer-to-Peer Systems
Yuxiao Wang M. Sc.
Dongyang Zhang M.A.Sc.
Liping Zhao ISS - Instant Messaging & Ad Hoc Networks

Here is a list of recently completed theses.

We can accept more students in both Master's and Ph.D. programs providing that they can prove their capabilities. Outstanding students can count on a considerable financial assistance provided by the department (TAs, grants) and by the lab (RAs). Interested parties should contact Prof. Babak Esfandiari.