Research Projects

Our research interests are in the two wide domains of artificial intelligence and networking. Here is a list of the currently active research project. We could accept new students to work on any of these projects and we would be glad to start new projects with motivated students.

Software Agent Imitation (Michael Floyd is currently leading this project)
Robocup is used as a platform for experimenting with building agents who imitate other agents, using case-based reasoning.

Peer 2 Peer Networking (Alan Davoust is currently leading this project)
Universal Peer-to-Peer (U-P2P) is a framework for sharing data over existing peer-to-peer networks, that provides a rich layering of meta-data and user-extensibility on top of the traditionally closed peer systems. Also see the Sourceforge project page.
As a sub-project we have applied the framework to build a distributed wiki called P2Pedia, where users share the wiki pages in a P2P network. See Alex's presentation of the project. A centralized offshoot of P2Pedia is SocialWiki.
We have also built a simulation framework based on the DEVS formalism to simulate P2P file-sharing and our new applications, and a visualization tool to view the results of the simulation.
Another sub-project is the Polyester tuple space framework that we use in U-P2P, which we have released as a project of its own.

Hybrid Operating System Discovery (François Gagnon is currently leading this project)
HOSD aims to unify the two classical approaches to operating system discovery, namely passive and active, into a single hybrid framework.

Virtual Network Experiment Controller (François Gagnon is currently leading this project)
VNEC is an environment to specify, configure, and control a virtual network in order to run experiments that are too costly or too risky to be executed on a real physical network. 

Magenta is a simple framework for developing agent systems, inspired by network management standards such as CMIP and GDMO. It is a re-implementation in Java of the original Magenta agent framework, developed in Smalltalk.

Older Projects: the projects below are only listed for archival purposes

Web Service Discovery 
The Web Service Discovery project aims to facilitate Web Service discovery in distributed Web Service registries. Service discovery is accomplished through DHT (Distributed Hash Table) mechanisms that create a federation of service registries.

Service Management
We are interested in different aspects of service management like dynamic composition of service components and the detection of service interactions.

SwapBox is an extension to Sun's BeanBox that allows the hot-swapping of JavaBeans during runtime.

Mobile Code Toolkit
Mobile Code Toolkit provides an infrastructure for advanced network management based on mobile code. The framework was developed to investigate the benefits of mobile code and how to employ mobile code technology for network management purposes.