Software Agent Imitation - Old News

  • June 3 2008 - New video added! We added a video that we submitted to the AAAI 2008 - AI Video competition. This video is 5 minutes long and contains audio and video describing our work.
  • May 20 2008 - “Considerations for Real-time Spatially-aware Case-based Reasoning: a Case Study in Robotic Soccer Imitation” was accepted at European Conference on Case Based Reasoning in Trier, Germany (September 1-4th 2008)
  • May 20 2008 - If you are attending Candian AI 2008 in Windsor, look out for Alan Davoust presenting "Use of Fuzzy Histograms to Model the Spatial Distribution of Objects".
  • May 15 2008 - Our paper "A Case-based Reasoning Approach to Imitating RoboCup Players" was presented at the Twenty-first International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, Coconut Grove, Florida, USA, May 15-17, 2008.
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