Software Agent Imitation - FAQ

Some answers to common questions:

Question: Do the imitating agents act like the originals?
Answer: They sure do! Take a look at our videos, or better yet download our software and try for yourself!

Question: I see you do well with simple agents, but aren't complex ones more interesting? Why don't you imitate the current RoboCup champion?
Answer: Complex agents are definately our goal but we are trying to progressively work up to more complex teams. For example, intial versions had trouble even with the Krislet team and complex teams looked completely aweful. Now we can imitate Krislet quite well and complex teams are starting to demonstrate some of the behaviour of their teachers.

Question: But what if you used algorithm YYY for task ZZZ? Why don't you implement that?
Answer: If you have a great idea for an algorithm we should include then let us know! Better yet, why not get involved and contribute the code to the project.

Question: I'd like to try to imitate a new domain, but don't know where to start.
Answer: Just send us an email and ask! We'd love to help you get started and see our framework in as many domains as possible!

Question: I got your framework running in my domain! Now what?
Answer: Why not share your work. If you have used the framework in a new domain we would love to host your code and data here on our website.

Question: I have a question, who do I talk to?
Answer: You can ask anyone involved in the project, but your best bet is to ask Michael Floyd.