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What is P2Pedia?

P2Pedia is a distributed Wiki system running on a Peer-to-Peer network. Participants of the wiki store the pages of interest to them on their local node. You can edit pages written by others, but you must first download a local copy of the page; your new version will be on your node, and the old version may still be available somewhere in the network! 
With this process, different versions of a page can co-exist in the network, unlike in Wikipedia and other traditional wikis, where the participants work towards a single authoritative version of each page. See also our centralized version of P2Pedia called SocialWiki.

Try it out!  using the Online Demo Node 1 or the demo node 2. In this demo there are only two nodes connected together.

 Download the software to run your own node and join the network ! 

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Need help installing? post your questions on the forum.

Screencast Demo


Click on any of the following screenshots to see a full size version.

Local Repository View Table
The local repository of a P2Pedia peer viewed using the table view mode.

Local Repository Tree
The local repository of a P2Pedia peer viewed using the version tree view mode.

Article Formatting Example
An example of the various formatting elements supported by the P2Pedia wiki renderer. P2Pedia uses a slightly extended version of the Creole open wiki syntax.

Article creation / edit widget
An example of the P2Pedia article editing / creation widget.
Search launching page
P2Pedia supports full text searches on article titles, and on article content.

Search result tree view
P2Pedia search results viewed using the version tree search result viewer.

Search result peer view
P2Pedia search results viewed using the "filter by responding peer" view.

Article Versioning Queries
P2Pedia supports a number of advanced queries based on the tree of article versions.

Article changes visualization
An example of the "Article Changes" viewing in P2Pedia. A selection is provided for all ancestors of the article being viewed, and a colored difference visualization is dynamically generated upon selection.