Here are a few resources for research methodology: writing papers, making presentations...

Technical things...
  • Presentation templates :
    We don't currently have a single recognized template for NMAI (or for Carleton, for that matter).
    - Prof. Pat Morin from the School of Computer Science maintains this page with OpenDocument templates for presentations.
    - [more to come]

  • Logos: Carleton, NMAI
LateX resources:
  • A LateX Thesis template for Carleton University (can be used for M.A.Sc. or Ph.D.).
  • The LateX cheat sheet: two pages condensing the essential LateX (pdf format).
  • If you need something really obscure such as the symbol for a boson in a Feynman diagram, or a squiggly arrow pointing in both directions, this comprehensive list (4Mb pdf document) has 4947 symbols and it's quite likely that you'll find what you need.
  • Typesetting algorithms: In computer science and engineering we often need to write algorithms. Here are some useful packages to do that in LateX.
    Tip: packages are provided at the bottom of the page. For each package click "browse" and read the documentation pdf file to see examples and what each package can or cannot do.  I'm happy with the algorithmicx package, which provides line numbers, nice comments, and all sorts of customizations.

More philosophical things...
  • What graduate research is all about, and some general guidelines to get started on a thesis, by Pr. Chinneck:  "how to organize your thesis"

  • Some tips for style in a research paper : Writing Technical Articles, by Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University)
    At the bottom of that page (the one reached by the previous link) the section "other references" links to a number of other resources that can be of interest. One of them is an excellent essay by Oded Goldreich, an Israeli researcher in cryptography: How to write a paper.

  • A couple more resources by Alan Bundy (University of Edinburgh), more specifically oriented to computer science ("informatics", in British english!). Alan Bundy teaches a course about Informatics Research Methodology. That definitely qualifies him for writing this type of guides.
    How to write a paper
    A guide to research for PhD students
  • Why publish? Where to publish? General advice and an overview of relevant journals and conferences in the network management domain, along with information on their impact factors.

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